Friday, 13 November 2009


Madeleine Boulesteix & Urban Upholstery team up for a winter show of stylish recreations for the home. 16th Nov 2009 – 10th Jan 2010. Private View the 29th of November from 3pm to 6pm.

A sale of opulent lighting and
beautiful furniture made by designers who are committed to reusing salvaged items. Quality and attention to detail are paramount.
Madeleine Boulesteix uses old
kitchen items to build contemporary classical chandeliers and Urban Upholstery revives found or existing furniture matching highly skilled craftsmanship and individual style.
Both have over 15 years experience at their trade and are pioneers of recycling.
Venue: Urban Upholstery showroom, 21 De Beauvoir Road, London N1 5SF. tel: +44 (0) 207 2759436
info@urbanupholstery.com www.urbanupholstery.com

Madeleine Boulesteix: "I started making chandeliers after finding 40 facetted glass drops in a pile of rubbish. First I made one for myself, which led to ideas for another and another and so on and I’ve been making them ever since.
When I started to gather things to make a structure with,
I discovered that all the items I needed were already there just waiting for me to assemble them. I searched in charity shops, car boot sales and scrap metal yards. I don’t remember ever making a decision to use kitchenware I just found that they supplied so many useful forms, like circular metal objects - sometimes already with holes in. I prefer to work with things I’ve found and let their qualities dictate what happens.
Old kitchen utensils are really familiar objects but to me not very useful in their traditional role. I’ve never used a pastry cutter for pastry or a toast rack for toast but they seem nice jaunty objects with more potential, so I liberate them from their domestic duties by incorporating them in my chandeliers."

Thursday, 22 October 2009


Beryl, Mavis & Coco designed by Marnie Moyle is elegant in her spiral form. She is a delight to behold from within, the sumptuous feather filled cushion is luxurious and the sprung base offers good support.

Unlike standard lounge furniture where one faces out, ‘Beryl, Mavis & Coco’ offers a myriad of seating options; private space for reading, playing a console, listening to music or just purely for relaxation. Yet it can also be shared with friends and/or loved ones in the art of conversation.

As space is at a premium within any environment, furniture which presents the user with more than just a place to watch TV or have a cup of tea is always welcomed. ‘Beryl, Mavis & Coco’ is mood furniture and creates a space within a space.

The component parts are made using reclaimed timbers and the upholstery by Urban Upholstery uses traditional craftsmanship and materials as Rubberised Horsehair, Coir, Hessian and Recycled cotton textiles. The feet are made from locally sourced Green Oak and turned by Marnie. Although the springs are not made in the UK but they can be recycled!

The unusual shape and strict sustainability criteria presented it’s challenges, it was important that the product would stand the test of time within both a residential and commercial environment. ‘Beryl Mavis & Coco’ has been made using traditional methods so that she can easily be reupholstered at any time.
She is covered in row canvas and she will be available in a selection of finest English Wools, Hemp and a Stinging Nettle/ Wool mix. Alternatively, a fabric of your own choosing may be applied.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009


Kingsland_chair is the last arrival by Urban Upholstery.
Presented the 19th of September 2009 at Hoxton Hall Theatre,
during the Open House weekend.
Kingsland is the third furniture designed to incorporate African prints sourced in the local area of Dalston. The frame in polyurethane has been restored to its original egg shape. Matching three different fabrics and texture the chair has been covered with blue sateen leather, 90% green wool fabric and African cotton batik. The main body has been upholstered with foam and Dacron, the seat cushion in rubber foam and Dacron and the back cushion with wool sheet.

Afrique Fabriks,
all manner of African fabrics are sold at this Dalston store. 134 Kingsland High St, E8 (020 7241 5127).

Two previous commissions have been inspired by African style and used African Batik (Olivia_chair and Neal_sofa)

Wednesday, 30 September 2009


from the 30th of September to the 3rd of October 2009

"Urban Upholstery bold and contemporary design gives new life to discarded furniture that has been rescued from the streets." Engaging with the underground space of the railway arches at London Bridge, they evoke an urban path where waste has been uplifted to the state of unique objects.
Emphasised with punctual lights and parallel lines, the gallery-corridor that starts from Joiner Street presents a scenario of scattered frames and suspended furniture.

Visual and Audio Installations
by Din-collective and Crunch Art are taking place in the same time.
Pictures below:
Sculpture by Tim Norris & Bill Hudson and wallpaper by Ata-Designs

Join us on Wed/Thu from 6 pm - 11 pm.
Send us an e-mail and we will add your name/+n to the guest list. Entrance fee will apply to visit on Fri & Sat, opening hours 6 pm - 12 am.
Please bring a photo ID just people invited and their friends are allowed inside!
X contacts and directions please follow this link: http://www.shunt.co.uk/contact.php

Friday, 18 September 2009


“CITY WORKS” by ATADesigns & Urban Upholstery
14th Sept - 10th Nov 2009.
“CITY WORKS” celebrates ATADesign & Urban Upholstery bold and contemporary approach to design that finds inspiration from Urban Environments. As collaborative work they are presenting “Ore” a pair of nursing chairs that have been rescued from the street and designed by Urban Upholstery with ATADesign fabrics. "Ore" will be displayed by ATADesigns at Designersblock, Earls Court Exhibition Centre from the 24th to 27th of September 2009.“CITY WORKS” includes a selection of works as furniture, cushions, fabrics, wallpapers, lampshades and tiles. ATADesigns, Designs Contemporary Wallcoverings, Ceramic Wall Tiles, Lampshades, Fabrics and Cushions. They specialises in unique cutting-edge print designs for the interior and exterior market. Urban Upholstery uniquely recycles existing furniture and fabrics, creating high quality one-off pieces. Andrea & Patrizia, founders of the company, provide as well bespoke service to discerning clients who consider the environment as well as design. To view purchase or commission works by Urban Upholstery and ATADesigns visit Venue: Urban Upholstery, 21 De Beauvoir Road N1 5SF Dates and time of the show: 14th of September - 10th of November 2009 Opening Times: 10:00 to 18:00 from Mon to Fri and 11:00 to 14:00 on Sat Tel: 0044 (0) 207 275 9436 Web-sites: www.atadesigns.com - www.urbanupholstery.com - www.atadesigns.blogspot.com.

Monday, 7 September 2009


Space + Time Exhibition ( 19 -20 September 2009)

Design is about space and time, the space we inhabit and the objects we choose to fill it with. Renewable resources are paramount to the sustainability of our environment.
The exhibition is in collaboration with Hoxton Halls Architecture Open House event, which happens every year and attracts up to 2000 visitors over the weekend.


Andrea and Patrizia, founder of Urban Upholstery, says: “We seek to create a more responsible, interesting and aesthetically pleasing environment. We see upholstery as an art that allows us to interpret the potentials in every day life and we wanted to create a new line of furniture that improves people lives and their relationship with the environment. We have always recycled furniture because we are passionate about old features and objects, reading their history and transforming them. As designers we approach furniture like miniature architectures, able to create space and to identify with the person hat owns them.”

Thursday, 27 August 2009


'Urban Upholstery' & 'Bird in the Hand' are proud to announce a summer collaboration, at the Urban Upholstery Showroom, N1 5SF
From the 26th June until the 9th September
the exhibition includes deck chairs, bags, cushions and fabrics.
'Bird In the Hand", founded by Laura Hamilton in 2008, produces hand-printed textiles on top quality organic cotton and linen. Her first collection is the reissuing of designs printed in Jamaica during the 1960s and '70s. They are bold botanical prints with a rich and contemporary feel.