Thursday, 25 November 2010

Special Guest: Audio Architecture

"Experimenter en Couleur" of Audio Architecture will be showcasing their work at our forthcoming Private Event held on Sunday the 28th at 14:30!
They are a group of artists specialised on innovation and emerging technologies and for the occasion they will present "Testing The Wheel", their first recorded work after 10 years of research and experimentation.
When we invited them to play at our event they immediately responded with an idea to make a specific work for us, related to what we are doing. Scanning fabrics and who knows what else to compose a site specific track...!

Their music is inspired by sounds recorded in space to express the multidimensionality and physicality of everything that surrounds us.
Materials react in different ways because they have a specific molecule structure that moves when forces or energies are applied or hit them. They absorb and reflect light to appear
to our naked eyes with a specific colour and they express a different feeling to our touch.
Sound travels in a similar way to light, hitting any object around us and assuming a specific value when crosses them.
We are living in a dynamic world where subsystems transform energies and they
constantly stimulate our perception.
Creating spaces means understanding the potentialities of every material and keeping into account all the elements such as sound, light, forces in order to
generate a complex system of reactions that eventually will please our senses with their aesthetics...

In the mean time:
Testing The Wheel
These early compositions aim to refine and define several methods in generative music making, to prove the indefinite moods and experiences possible and understand more of how the listener is stimulated by such unfamiliar territory.
The compositions break from the barriers of scale and timing associated
with traditional music to allow the freedom to explore new possibilities. All use generative tools in their music creation and are the outcome of self-made audio and visual synthesisers coupled to different stimuli. Control comes in varying degrees from the rules set at the beginning of the development process.
Methods for playing the machines vary greatly according to project. Unexpected outcomes are celebrated and essential to the process.
Listen to Testing The Wheel at the Experimenter En Colour Shop