Thursday, 4 November 2010

Our Partners

We are proud to introduce you to our partners for our forthcoming Private View the 28/11/10 from 14:30 and for the Hidden Art Open Studios the 27-28/11/10 & 4-5/12/10, both will be held at Urban Upholstery shop.

YSH London. A textile, fashion and interiors online magazine, offering students, young designers and businesses the latest news and trends happening in London. They have a great website full of interesting and exciting information. You can also register your business in their directory for a small yearly fee. To find out more, please visit: www.yshlondon.com

Niko B. Organic Chocoates!
I love chocolate and I am one of this person that doesn't understand why some people doesn't,
but I am very fussy about it, it has to be very good otherwise I won't eat it.
Well if you try the chocolate from Niko B. you won't ever eat most of the chocolate that is out there...
I met Susan, Anthony and the yang Nicholas at friends house and they cooked an amazing dinner were food complemented fantastically their chocolate, it was heaven! I have to say it brought me back in time, I was expecting my mother coming to the room and tell me off because I was eating too much chocolate...My childhood hero was Pippi Longstocking and I always dreamt to be in a room full of sweets, I am suspecting that there are few people out there that shares the same dream?...Well that day was like a dream coming true. Their chocolates are very good and I can't wait to try some more at PV. You will have a taste... and you can buy some more, maybe?
Checkout their website: www.nikobchocolates.com

Our event is open until the end of January 2011, but don't miss the chance to meet the designers during the two weekends of the Open Studios!

Hidden Art is an organisation based in East London that supports designer-makers and designers to expose and sell their products to a wider audience.
They do this through promoting and supporting members to place their products both nationally and internationally through international trade fairs, the Hidden Art E-Shop, global press coverage, Hidden Art Awards and their annual pre-Christmas Open Studios event.
Hidden Art Open Studios is now in its 17th year, and is aimed at helping designer-makers make sales direct to the public in the lead up to Christmas.