Friday, 26 October 2012


The Baubau sofa with Josephine B_chair is part of the collection "the upholstery that comes apart".
It is a special take on English classic furniture: a chesterfield sofa.
The upholstered parts can be removed, thanks to the press fasteners and elastic webbing. When all else is removed, only the beautiful cage of “hand-tied springs” on the seat and back of the sofa remain visible.
 The Baubau sofa reveals one of the oldest, magical processes, which in the upholstery world is part of the traditional technique, but usually this becomes hidden due to the subsequent layers that are normally added.
The old frame was treated to emphasize the natural look of the wood, revealing the patina of time.
The cushions have been stuffed mostly with wool, except from the booster of the back and arms that are made of foam. The hand-stitched mattress is stuffed with carded lamb’s wool and layers of wool sheets have been used to make the shaped cushions on the back.
To cover the sofa Urban Upholstery teamed-up with artist Laura Hamilton, whose company
‘Bird In The Hand’, produces hand printed textiles, inspired by Jamaican prints from the 60's and 70's.
Presented for the first time at Tent London, during The London Design Festival 2012, Old Truman Brewery, London E1

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Our view on TENT LONDON 2012

Baubau_sofa & Fern on black and white_Bird in the Hand
J17 T5 at Tent London 2012- Old Truman Brewery, E1 London

Josephine B_chair next to the swatch-book of Bird in the Hand

Andrea & Patrizia on Baubau_sofa
Andrea dressing Josephine B_chair

lamps by Studio INBETWEEN_

Cell Cloud _ System Design Studio
Furniture Magpies

Cozy Shelter by Lambert Kamps
Zuzunaga and Texidor

Monday, 3 September 2012

Urban Upholstery at Tent London 2012

Tent London is one of the largest design trade shows taking place during the London Design Festival, showing the very latest in contemporary interior products - furniture, lighting, ceramics, textiles, materials and accessories.
We are very proud to take part to one of the best show and to present our latest products in junction with "Bird In The Hand"
 Don't miss the chance to view one of the most inspirational show!
20-23 Sept 2012
Old Truman Brewery, Hanbury Street, London E1 6QR

Trade members - Register to visit online before 14 Sept and save £10 entry fee
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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

The chair that comes apart...and than together...and then apart.... and then together!

Last January when Line, an aspiring upholsterer from Denmark, stayed with us for 5 weeks, we started to work on a new project. (apologies for the long silence...we were not in hibernation)

For a couple years we have been nourishing the idea to experiment something with the upholstery and revealing its magical process that is exclusive to us.

Whenever I am assisting to the building up of a traditional sofa I am immediately associating it with the inside of a piano: it's functional, it is precisely constructed and beautiful to watch it”.


...What an inspiring thought to transform a traditional chesterfield with the upholstery that comes apart, showing the hand-tied springs and the old frame?...After two years it still a project but now we are closer than ever...


 Josephine B_chair and Alex_chair are a huge step in this direction: we have created an upholstery that comes apart...and then together, showing what lies beneath the surface. Every upholstered part (wings, arms, back and seat) comes off simply unfastening press buttoning and with a system of elastic webbing they are secured to the chair.

Their frames are a beauty to watch, they are relatively old, marked with the signs of their history (...or with horrible varnish) and their imposing presence reveal their full potential, no tricks no games, just bare wood and accessible upholstery for the eye of their consumer.

Where does take us the re-upholstery of these pieces?

Often when we repair the back of a chair we need to strip off part of the seat and vice versa, but in this case every piece can be independently reupholstered. 

Customers can also transform the look of their furniture, recovering one or two parts at the time and without necessarily modifying the whole piece.


Josephine B. and Alex are definitely a step towards our grand project but in the meantime they are performing an overture with their proposed solution to sustainability. 


Both chairs are available at our shop N1 5SF.


                                       Josephine B_chair