Thursday, 22 October 2009


Beryl, Mavis & Coco designed by Marnie Moyle is elegant in her spiral form. She is a delight to behold from within, the sumptuous feather filled cushion is luxurious and the sprung base offers good support.

Unlike standard lounge furniture where one faces out, ‘Beryl, Mavis & Coco’ offers a myriad of seating options; private space for reading, playing a console, listening to music or just purely for relaxation. Yet it can also be shared with friends and/or loved ones in the art of conversation.

As space is at a premium within any environment, furniture which presents the user with more than just a place to watch TV or have a cup of tea is always welcomed. ‘Beryl, Mavis & Coco’ is mood furniture and creates a space within a space.

The component parts are made using reclaimed timbers and the upholstery by Urban Upholstery uses traditional craftsmanship and materials as Rubberised Horsehair, Coir, Hessian and Recycled cotton textiles. The feet are made from locally sourced Green Oak and turned by Marnie. Although the springs are not made in the UK but they can be recycled!

The unusual shape and strict sustainability criteria presented it’s challenges, it was important that the product would stand the test of time within both a residential and commercial environment. ‘Beryl Mavis & Coco’ has been made using traditional methods so that she can easily be reupholstered at any time.
She is covered in row canvas and she will be available in a selection of finest English Wools, Hemp and a Stinging Nettle/ Wool mix. Alternatively, a fabric of your own choosing may be applied.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009


Kingsland_chair is the last arrival by Urban Upholstery.
Presented the 19th of September 2009 at Hoxton Hall Theatre,
during the Open House weekend.
Kingsland is the third furniture designed to incorporate African prints sourced in the local area of Dalston. The frame in polyurethane has been restored to its original egg shape. Matching three different fabrics and texture the chair has been covered with blue sateen leather, 90% green wool fabric and African cotton batik. The main body has been upholstered with foam and Dacron, the seat cushion in rubber foam and Dacron and the back cushion with wool sheet.

Afrique Fabriks,
all manner of African fabrics are sold at this Dalston store. 134 Kingsland High St, E8 (020 7241 5127).

Two previous commissions have been inspired by African style and used African Batik (Olivia_chair and Neal_sofa)