Thursday, 4 February 2010


Urban Upholstery Ltd & Elli Popp are proud to announce the launch of their collaborative collection. From the 10th of February to the 10th of May 2010, a display of stylish interior creations, including selected works as furniture, cushions, fabrics, wallpapers, and ceramics, is taking place at Urban Upholstery’s Showroom to celebrate the event.
As collaborative work they are presenting “INbox” multi-purpose stools and “Esmeralda” a revamped period style chair that inspired by Natural motif, bond the bold, contemporary and ethical approach to design by Urban Upholstery with the neo-romantic design of Elli Popp fabrics.

Private View: 18.03.2010 from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

"INbox" is a collection of stools that can be used in numerous ways adding functionality, style and romanticism to any interior space.

Built from discarded plywood they are conceived to increase the value of their original material and to add value to the interior
“INbox 001 & 002” are modular elements that can be customised to any size.
Their design emphasizes their modularity presenting clear side cuts to match the ‘Bebe Palm’ designed fabric by Elli Popp with colourful felt.
They can be used as single units -centrepiece or adding two or more units they can engage an entire wall, providing compact seating in tight quarter and increasing the functionality of small spaces.
They can be enjoyed in living spaces as coffee table, footstool and side table adding functions, as seating and storing. They can provide a seat at the entrance door for seating down to put on shoes and with their hidden storage, are ideal for hiding mitts and gloves when not in use.
Using areas below windows for seating and storage they visually are expanding the indoor space.

'INbox 003’ is an elegant rounded centrepiece, that built from reclaimed plywood and upholstered with buttoning, matches the two versions of the black and white design fabric ‘Butterfly Valley’ by Elli Popp. It can be used as side table, coffee table, footstool and as an extra seat for impromptu parties.
Urban Upholstery Ltd and Elli Popp’s collection also presents “Esmeralda” chair, a project to revive period style furniture with a contemporary look.
Inspired by composition of Indian colours, “Esmeralda” sets apart from the constriction of its imposing presence to become an exotic and fun piece. The back of the chair frames the figurative motif “Emerald’s Garden” from Elli Popp that is hand screen-printed on colourful silk which adds a romantic and poetic feel to the piece and to the space.